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In the 18th annual Sierra-Cedar HR systems survey, business process improvement continues to top the list of the top five HR technology initiatives.

BPI surpasses HR systems strategy, talent management, service delivery, and BI/workforce metrics to earn the top position.

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Look for a new chapter on Business Process Management, a second international case study, and checks for knowledge.

The Power of Business Process Improvement: The Workbook complements the author's popular book, The Power of Business Process Improvement, published by the American Management Association (AMA). In The Workbook, Susan Page offers a streamlined approach to BPI by providing the templates and tools necessary to help you quickly move through the proven 10-step formula leading your business to become more effective, efficient, and adaptable.

Arranged in a results-oriented progression, use The Workbook individually or in a group setting to identify and prioritize the processes that need fixing, eliminate redundancy and bureaucracy, control costs, reduce errors, delight customers, and give your organization an edge on continuous improvement.

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